Main export destination countries are India, China and Japan. Functional shift control regulations, improve irigation system, increase production by providing superior seed and germinate, imcrement fishery ships, arrange distribution lines and national logistic system . In 2013 the inflation reached 8.4%, which was higher than 4.3% of previous year.

In addition, Pupuk Kaltim produces organic fertilizer with the capacity of 45 thousand ton a year. The initial adoption of the above PSAK and ISAK has no effect on the disclosure or amounts recognized in the consolidated financial statements. Newspaper, 30 days before the Call Option is implemented. The Company hold the right to buy back Sukuk from each The Company hold the right1 to buy year back since Sukukthe from each holder of the effect within date of holder of theThe effect Company within 1 year since the datethe of emission.

The Company drew up CSR Master Plan as a policy blueprint for CSR, and as a follow up of the master plan a CSR Committee was established with one function is to integrate the Company’s activities in CSR and environmental preservation. The Company’s assets in 2013 grew by 47% from that of previous year to Rp17.8 trillion, while equity rose to Rp 7,5 trillion. The company also managed to maintain healthy financial condition and remained in the corridor that the creditors and shareholders set.

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Estriol is responsible for ensuring that the placenta and fetus are in good condition, its levels increasing during pregnancy and decreasing at the time of delivery. Dihydrotestosterone controls hair growth on the body and face and influences the secretion of the sebaceous glands causing acne. Glucagon increases blood glucose levels by promoting glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis. Aldosterone participates in the reabsorption of sodium and the secretion Simontok of potassium in the kidney, which increases the blood pressure. Also known as antidiuretic hormone, vasopressin causes moderate vasoconstriction and controls the amount of water in the kidney by regulating the concentration of water molecules in the urine.

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The Company stopped its recognition on share of KSB’s loss, due to KSB has stopped its operation and has a negative balance of equity. In 2008 based on the Sales and Purchases Agreement issued by Notary Sutjipto, SH, dated October 8, 2008, PT Parna Raya sold all its shares to PT Suma Sarana. Prepaid expenses – product distribution is the distribution cost of fertilizer which have not been sold.

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